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Why are the Ayckbourn filmed adaptations not available to buy?

Why are the television and film adaptations of Alan Ayckbourns plays not available? is one of the most frequently asked questions of Alan Ayckbourn's official website.

There is no quick - or even obvious - answer to this, but the decision largely rests with the commercial rights holders themselves, not with Alan Ayckbourn.

It is worth clarifying that Alan Ayckbourn has no objection to the majority of these adaptations - such as the BBC's
Absent Friends, Season's Greetings and Absurd Person Singular - being released. But the initial decision regarding a commercial release lies purely with the producers and commercial rights holders and is not something Alan Ayckbourn has any influence over.

Presumably the main reason they have not been released is largely a commercial one, taken by the rights holders. If you feel strongly about seeing these films, the website can only advise you contact the relevant production company or rights holder to express your interest in the films.

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