Alan Ayckbourn: Adaptations in Other Media

This section of the website is devoted to adaptations of Alan Ayckbourn plays in other media such as television, radio and film.
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Why are the Ayckbourn filmed adaptations not available to buy?

One of the most frequently asked questions to Alan Ayckbourn's official website is, why are the television films of his plays not available to buy on DVD?
There is no obvious answer to this and the decision largely rests with the commercial rights holders themselves, not with Alan Ayckbourn.
It is worth clarifying that Alan Ayckbourn has no objection to the majority of these adaptations - such as the BBC's
Absent Friends, Season's Greetings and Absurd Person Singular - being released. But the initial decision regarding a commercial release lies purely with the producers and commercial rights holders and neither Alan nor his agent have been approached with regard to the licensing of the films by the commercial rights holders, such as the BBC.
Presumably the reason for this is largely a commercial one, taken by the rights holders. Whatever the reason, as far as Alan Ayckbourn is aware, there are no plans in the foreseeable future for the films to be released on DVD or repeated on television.
If you feel strongly about seeing these films, the website can only advise you contact the BBC (or the other relevant rights holder) to express your interest in the films. Perhaps if there is a perceived demand for them, they may finally get released.

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