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Family Album

This page contains details of recordings and adaptations of Alan Ayckbourn's play Family Album in media other than the stage (such as TV, film and radio). To find out more about the play Family Album, visit the Plays section here.

Streaming (2022)

Streaming Premiere: 22 October 2022
Streaming End: 5 November 2022
Company: Stephen Joseph Theatre
Duration: 95 mins

Stephen Joseph Theatre

Video: Not available
DVD: Not available
Blu-Ray: Not available
Digital: Not available
Director of Photography:
Sound Capture:

Sound Associate:

John Stanton
Peggy Stanton
Sandra Dickens
Alison Stanton-Hicks
Jess Stanton-Hicks
Removal Men
Alan Ayckbourn
Dan Abell
Chris Jones (Beckview Studios)
Kevin Jenkins
Jason Taylor

Alan Ayckbourn
Paul Stear

Antony Eden
Georgia Burnell
Frances Marshall
Elizabeth Boag
Tanya-Loretta Dee
Jude Deeno
David Lomond
Note: Family Album was recorded in front of a live audience during its world premiere run at the Stephen Joseph Theatre during September 2022. This was then streamed from the SJT website from 22 October to 5 November. The original contract for the streaming only allowed it to be streamed whilst the actors were still under contract - 5 November being the final night of the tour of the production.
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