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A Cut In The Rates

This page contains details of recordings and adaptations of Alan Ayckbourn's one-act play A Cut In The Rates in media other than the stage (such as TV, film and radio). To find out more about the play A Cut In The Rates, visit the Plays section here.

Note: This recording is not available.

Television (1984)

Broadcast: 21 January 1984
Time: 2.30pm
Channel: BBC2
Duration: 30mins

Production: BBC

Not available
Not available
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Not available


Miss Pickhart
Woman / Rosalinda
Geoff Wilson


Lavinia Bertram
Liza Sadovy
Michael Cashman
Note: A Cut In The Rates was broadcast as part of an educational programme called English Files. This particular episode, entitled Drama Skills: Play Acting, followed the process of a play from first read-through to first night including the world premiere of the short play A Cut In The Rates. The programme was repeated on 22 March 1985, 23 May 1986 and 27 March 1987 but has otherwise never been transmitted again.
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