Ayckbourn Play Recordings & Adaptations

Dreams From A Summer House

This page contains details of recordings and adaptations of Alan Ayckbourn and Paul Todd's musical Dreams From A Summer House in media other than the stage (such as TV, film and radio). To find out more about the play Dreams From A Summer House, visit the Plays section here.

Note: This recording is not available.

Original Cast Recording (1992)

Released: 1992
Duration: Unknown
Catalogue Number: N/A

Production: SJTITR

1992 (deleted)
Not available
Not available
Musical Director


Robert, an artist
Amanda, his ex-wife
Sinclair, her 2nd husband
Chrissie, her mother
Grayson, her father
Mel, her sister
Belle, a beauty
Baldemar, a beast
Alan Ayckbourn
John Pattison


Dale Rapley
Janie Dee
David McAlister
Christine Cox
James Tomlinson
Judith McSpadden
Jan Hartley
Anthony Venditti
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