Ayckbourn Play Recordings & Adaptations

Making Tracks

This page contains details of recordings and adaptations of Alan Ayckbourn and Paul Todd's musical Making Tracks in media other than the stage (such as TV, film and radio). To find out more about Making Tracks, visit the Plays section here.

Note: This recording is not available.

Original Cast Recording (1981)

Released: 1981
Duration: Unknown
Catalogue: N/A

Production: SJTITR

1981 (deleted)
Not available
Not available
Musical Director


Rog, a sound engineer
Sandy, a singer
Lennie, a keyboard player
Chris, a drummer
Gus, a guitarist
Stan, an impresario
Wolfe, a business man
Lace, a good friend
Mrs Witts, a mother
Alan Ayckbourn
Paul Todd


Peter Ackerman
Lavinia Bertram
Dave Newton
Paul Todd
Iain Hawkins
Roger Llewellyn
Robin Bowerman
Gillian Bevan
Susan Uebel
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